Candace Owens kicks Lia Thomas out of the view set “your a cheat”

In a bizarre turn of events on “The View,” Candace Owens, the show’s newest co-host known for her conservative viewpoints, stirred controversy by theatrically ejecting Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, from the set in a display critics are likening to a Shakespearean drama meets Saturday Night Live skit.

The episode began innocuously enough, with Owens engaging in her trademark blend of sharp wit and controversial opinions. However, tensions quickly escalated when Thomas, invited as a guest to discuss her experiences as a transgender athlete, took the stage.

Owens interrupted, producing a pool noodle as a prop, symbolizing what she called the “absurdity we’re swimming in.” With dramatic flair, she ‘escorted’ Thomas offstage, prompting a mix of reactions from the audience, ranging from confusion to amusement.

Backstage, producers grappled with the spectacle’s implications, torn between potential ratings gold and PR concerns. Meanwhile, social media exploded with hashtags like #PoolNoodlePolitics and #TheViewUnviewed, along with memes featuring Owens and her noodle.

Satirists and commentators seized the opportunity to poke fun at the incident, with late-night hosts quipping about “poolside politics” and the unexpected power of a pool noodle in political discourse.

Surprisingly, Thomas expressed no hard feelings, acknowledging the unexpected turn of events and even finding humor in becoming a viral meme.

As the episode concluded, Owens returned to her seat, pool noodle in hand, ready to tackle the next topic with her characteristic zeal, leaving viewers to contemplate the surreal spectacle they had just witnessed.

Whether a poignant critique of political discourse, a masterful piece of performance art, or simply another day in the unpredictable world of live television, Owens’ “Pool Noodle Politics” has undeniably sparked conversation and captivated audiences worldwide.

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