Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband Is Ordered To Pay Her Back $2.6M

Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, is required to repay her $2.6 million following a California labor commissioner’s ruling.

Blackstock, who acted as Clarkson’s manager, was found to have “unlawfully” booked jobs for her, including her role on “The Voice” and endorsements, leading to him amassing over $2.6 million in fees.

This dispute highlights the blurred lines between personal and professional relationships in the entertainment industry, especially considering Clarkson and Blackstock’s history. Married for nearly seven years before divorcing in June 2020, their separation has been marked by financial negotiations, including child and spousal support agreements.

Clarkson, balancing her music career with television roles and a talk show, chose to leave “The Voice” to focus on her well-being and other projects.

This legal battle and Clarkson’s career adjustments underscore the challenges and complexities of celebrity management and divorce, as she continues to navigate her professional and personal life post-divorce.

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