Find the mistake in this optical illusion image!

Sherlock Holmes once stated that there are things that we see, but fail to take notice of.

Being observant involves actively perceiving everything in our surroundings, whether it be individuals, situations in life, or intriguing occurrences. The crucial aspect is to observe and then contemplate upon what we have just witnessed.

The ability to observe is highly valuable in our daily lives, as it enhances our capability to engage with others and appropriately respond to both our surroundings and various circumstances.

Individuals with high intelligence have dared to solve the puzzle depicted below, which showcases a man fishing beside a river.

Within the following picture, there is a fashion-forward individual leisurely seeking fish for their family dinner along the riverbank.

Yet, hidden within the vintage illustration lies a noteworthy error that might go unnoticed initially. Nevertheless, upon closer examination, one can identify what is amiss, arousing suspicion among everyone.

To spot such an error, one must allocate utmost attention to the minute details.

Although the person and the tree they are seated beneath are clearly visible, we can assure you that the mistake will be significantly more elusive…

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