Kari Lake Turns The Tables On CNN Host After ‘Gotcha’ Question

Kari Lake didn’t let a CNN reporter get under her skin with loaded questions about what she would have done, or would do, as vice president.

The Arizona Senate candidate sat down for a mainstream media interview as part of a strategy to widen the lens into her campaign, one that will rely on attention from more than just conservative news outlets. However, Lake found out quickly that all CNN wanted to really ask was how she would have handled certifying the 2020 election if she had been President Donald Trump’s veep.

“These are crazy. This is like a hypothetical going forward and a hypothetical going backward. I’m not going to entertain that,” said Lake. “What I will entertain is talking about going forward, and going forward when we get an America First president and some great leadership in the Senate and a majority, we’re going to do great things for the American people.”

Unable to trip up Lake, the reporter continued probing about her stance on how Arizona handled legal challenges to her failed 2022 gubernatorial campaign.

“We had major problems in our election, and we’re really working to resolve those problems. We still have some court cases,” she said.

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