Ben And Jerry Have A Message For All White People

In the wake of the recent events at the United States Capitol, renowned ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s have taken a stand against white supremacy. As America transitions into a new era with President Joe Biden, it’s time for the country to confront its deep-rooted issues. Will we come together to address the challenges of the pandemic and systemic racism, or will we continue to turn a blind eye?

While Ben & Jerry’s may be known for their delicious ice cream, they have always been committed to fighting for social justice causes. Now, they have a powerful message for white people – it is our duty to rise up and dismantle white supremacy.
In a statement released on January 11, 2021, Ben & Jerry’s proclaimed: “The events of January 6, 2021, were not a protest – it was a riot fueled by white supremacy. It was a moment that was allowed to happen. The predominantly white insurrectionists roamed freely through the heart of our democracy, facing little consequence. The only reason for this is that they were white, while Black, Brown, and Indigenous people would have faced a vastly different outcome.”

The sight of a predominantly white mob storming the dais of the US House of Representatives and the Senate, even sitting in the chair Vice President had occupied moments earlier, is the epitome of white privilege. It showcased two different Americas on January 6th. In one, we witnessed record-breaking voter turnout driven by Black voters, which led to the historic election of the first Black and Jewish senators from Georgia. This was our democracy at its finest.

In the other America, we saw a mostly white mob, encouraged by the President, violently attempting to overturn a free and fair election. It failed, but it put our democracy in great danger. These two Americas are both a part of who we are. Black and Brown individuals have long experienced the white tyranny that was so glaringly displayed during the events of January 6th. This double standard perpetuates white supremacy in our nation.

Now that President Biden’s administration has begun, Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, believes it is crucial to focus on criminal justice reform. Greenfield emphasizes the need for police accountability and an end to qualified immunity – a legal shield that prevents officers from being held accountable for their actions.

It’s time for all of us to reflect on Ben & Jerry’s call to action. What are your thoughts on their message to white people to dismantle white supremacy? Let’s consider this important issue as we move forward, striving for a society that embraces equality and justice for all.

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