Tipping Point host Ben Shephard’s marriage confession – wife Annie has ‘put up with a lot’

Ben has been married to his beloved wife since 2004

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard first met his interior designer wife Annie at university.

Fast forward 20 years, the couple are happily married with a family of their own – teenagers Jack and Sam.

But it appears Ben’s busy career hasn’t always been easy on Annie.


Tipping Point host Ben Shephard makes a marriage confession
Back in November 2013, the Good Morning Britain presenter praised Annie for supporting him from the start.

At the time, he told the Lancashire Post: “I fell into this bizarre world and got a job in telly. My wife’s been involved all the way through, which has been lovely, and now we’ve got kids and life goes on.”

However, Ben admitted that is was often difficult for his wife as he worked a lot.

She does put up with a lot.

“My wife has to put up with a lot, in regards to hours and the nature of my job,” the 49-year-old explained at the time.

“I’m lucky I do a job that I absolutely love, but it can be erratic with hours and travelling, and we’ve got two little boys who take up a lot of time, so she does put up with a lot.”

It isn’t the first time Ben has publicly declared his love for Annie.

Ben Shephard first appeared on Tipping Point in 2012 (Credit: ITV)

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He previously said on the White Wine Question Time podcast: “We met at university and I was sort of a mere puppy when it came to the world of broadcasting media.

“She has been through all this with me – the highs and the lows of all that experience. And she is still here, somehow, still putting up with me to this day.”

The couple have been together since 1995.

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