Pamela Anderson is now 55 years old and choosing to reveal her ‘natural’ face

After the main sex symbol of the 90s appeared at Fashion Week without makeup, Pamela became a hero deserving praise for her courage for some, turned into a meme for social media followers, and became an example to follow for a third group.

Anderson herself was slyly surprised by such a strong reaction to her actions. Although it seems that by embracing body-positive trends, she was counting on such hype. After all, there’s not much else to captivate the public with these days.

However, credit must be given because Pamela in the 90s seemed to sleep in makeup. She never left the house even for bread without full battle paint.

In a recent interview, the actress said that she accepted herself as she is and her age. “I like myself without makeup. I call changes in the face life, not aging. Chasing youth is useless, but accepting oneself is necessary,” said the actress.

Indeed, if the 56-year-old star can attend a significant event without makeup and not be afraid of public condemnation, why not try to follow her example? Perhaps it will also work to love oneself. Here are 5 reasons to give up makeup for a while, like Pamela.

1. Your skin will be smoother

“If you don’t apply foundation, you won’t disrupt the natural balance of self-moisturizing,” says Nadia Kikhich, a dermatologist.

Plus, in the evening, you can avoid the routine cleansing process, which consists of several steps: makeup removal, then washing, toning. It will be enough to just wash your face, wipe it with lotion, apply serum, and cream.

2. You won’t get acne

No matter how light the foundation is, it still remains on the surface of the skin, stimulating the sebaceous glands. The more active they are, the greater the risk of clogged pores and the appearance of acne.

3. Your skin will suffer less from bacteria

If you are among the girls who forget to wash brushes and sponges with soap after each makeup application, you periodically add problems to your skin by introducing a new batch of bacteria with makeup.

And this is one of the main reasons for the appearance of pimples and acne. In your case, no makeup means no pimples.

4. Your eyelashes will become thicker

If you apply too much mascara on your eyelashes every day, they may start to break and fall out under its weight. Give up mascara for a month and see how thick your lashes will grow.

5. You will love yourself as you are

The more time you see yourself au naturel in the mirror, the quicker you will get used to your image without makeup. This will allow you to love your true self and accept your appearance. This is how self-confidence is developed. Moreover, if you start appearing without makeup in public, including at work, you will get rid of many complexes.

6. Men will approach you more often

Contrary to women’s opinions, many men are more attracted to girls without makeup. They are not afraid to approach an attractive girl-next-door. But they are often scared away by a contoured and lipstick-wearing tigress. So, naturalness attracts more than all the applied accessories.

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