Remember Tiger Wood’s ex-wife? Here’s Elin Nordegren’s new life today

Recently, Tiger Woods underwent back surgery, eliciting hopes for his recovery. However, memories of his infamous sex scandal from almost a decade ago remain vivid.

The scandal erupted in November 2009, tarnishing Woods’ reputation and leading to the collapse of his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Despite having two children together, Woods’ serial infidelity, involving over 100 women, caused immense embarrassment.

Following a tumultuous period, Woods and Nordegren divorced in August 2010. Despite the turmoil, Nordegren eventually found love with Chris Cline, a billionaire philanthropist. Their relationship ended in 2017, tragically, Cline passed away in a helicopter crash in 2019.

Despite their tumultuous past, Woods and Nordegren have managed to co-parent peacefully. Nordegren even gets along well with Woods’ current girlfriend, Erica Herman.

In a 2016 interview, Woods expressed his commitment to co-parenting and improving communication with Nordegren, referring to her as his best friend. However, given his history of infidelity, some may question the sincerity of his words.

Nordegren, while not directly addressing the scandal, has shown resilience and humor in navigating the aftermath of their divorce. Reflecting on the experience, she humorously remarked on unexpectedly being thrust into the media limelight.

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