Please pray for Jimmy Carter

Please pray for Jimmy Carter

An update from Jimmy Carter’s grandson a year after the former president, who was 99, entered hospice care
This week marks a year since former President Jimmy Carter entered hospice care. However, his grandson says his grandfather’s spirit is still as strong as ever.

A lot has changed since Carter started getting hospice care in February of last year. This was after a string of hospital stays to deal with a growing number of problems. Rosalynn, Jimmy’s wife, died in November. In the past few years, the former president has had a lot of health problems, such as brain cancer, liver cancer, a broken hip, and surgery on his brain.

Still, Carter’s grandson has given an update on his health a year after he started hospice care.

“We have no hopes for his body after a year in hospice care every day.” He told CBS Sunday Morning, “But we know that his spirit is as strong as ever.”

As a whole, the Carter family also said how thankful they were for all the help Jimmy has gotten over the past year.

They said, “Pres. Carter is still at home with his family a year after entering hospice care.” “The Carter family is thankful for all the love they’ve received and for people continuing to understand their need for privacy during this time.”

It also said, “His family is glad that his choice to go into hospice care last year has caused so many family conversations across the country about an important subject.”

As it turns out, Carter is one of only 6% of people who started hospice care and have lived longer than a year. As was already said, Rosalynn, his wife of 77 years, died in November at the age of 96, a few months after being told she had dementia.

In that moment, Jimmy’s doctor, Dr. Michael Raines, talked about his worry right after Rosalynn died, saying it was “such a big loss for him.”

He agreed, “Sometimes people who have been married for a long time and are very dependent on each other, not only in love but also in relationships and friendship, when one of them dies, the other one dies soon after.”

WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 04: Former US President Jimmy Carter listens during the kick-off of an all-week construction project to mark the World Habitat Day and the annual Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project October 4, 2010 in the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington, DC. Carter was recently released from an Ohio hospital after being treated for a viral infection. Under the project a total of 86 homes will be built, rehabilitated or repaired in Washington, DC; Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; and Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Here’s wishing Jimmy Carter peace in the time he has left. If you want to pray for him with us, please leave a comment in the box that’s there.

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