Officers Walk Out of WNBA Game Over Players’ Offensive Shirts

During a recent WNBA Lynx game, four off-duty Minneapolis police officers providing security walked out in protest over players wearing pre-game shirts that honored victims of police shootings. The shirts, black in color, displayed the names of Philando Castile, a man killed by police during a traffic stop, and the Dallas police officers who were killed while on duty. The back of the shirts read, “Black Lives Matter.”

The players explained that their intention was to honor those who had lost their lives and to advocate for change in racial profiling and violence. The officers had reportedly asked the team to remove the shirts, but when their request was refused, they decided to leave.

While understanding the officers’ frustrations, Minneapolis Police Chief, Janee’ Harteau, condemned their actions, emphasizing that officers must uphold their oath of office, even when off-duty. The Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges, also criticized the comments made by the police federation president, making it clear that he did not represent the city’s management.

This incident has sparked controversy, shedding light on the pressing issues of racial profiling and violence. It has also brought to the forefront discussions about police reform and the role that athletes play in addressing social issues.

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