NCIS’s Ducky, David McCallum, recently celebrated his 55th wedding anniversary with his wife, with whom he is able to dance “for hours…”

David McCallum and his wife celebrate 55 years of marital happiness, an achievement that is really remarkable, particularly in the entertainment industry like Hollywood. On the other hand, McCallum had been married for a decade when he began dating Carpenter.

McCallum and his first Wife’s marriage was dissolved as a result of Charles Brosnan’s involvement with Ireland, who he developed romantic feelings for.

When asked how he felt about the situation, McCallum said that he was not furious at Brosnan for pulling Ireland away from him and that he was delighted that they had found love in one another. Additionally, he was successful in finding his happily ever after.

McCallum and Carpenter first crossed paths in the same year that McCallum was going through his divorce from Ireland. The two people began dating not long after their first encounter, indicating that they had an instant like to one another, so, the pair decided to be married.

On his many social media platforms, McCallum has not been bashful about posting photographs of his wife on these platforms. He posts pictures on social media to commemorate significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Even though McCallum was 11 years older than Carpenter at the time, they did not allow the age difference prevent them from falling in love. She now volunteers her time to assist McCallum in his charitable initiatives and focuses on raising her lovely family.

Parenthood is one of the many rewarding experiences that McCallum and Carpenter have had together throughout the course of their lives. Sophie and Peter are Carpenter and McCallum’s children.

Because of the circumstances under which it began, many people had their doubts about McCallum and Carpenter’s relationship before they were married.

When questioned how they managed to remain so passionately in love with one another for so many years, McCallum said that the key to their happiness was that they had discovered what the other person desired and made it their mission to ensure that they had it.

McCallum is a proud grandpa to eight grandkids, all of whom were born to his children from his relationship with Ireland and Carpenter.

It was difficult for him to devote much time to his family while he was at the pinnacle of his profession, but now that he is retired and his work is less demanding, he is able to spend more time with his grandkids.

While discussing his grandkids, McCallum revealed that he did not like being referred to be a grandpa; more specifically, he admitted the following:

“They refer to me as “granddaddy.” We don’t like it when you call me grandfather as it makes me seem old, yet I’m not elderly at all. And some of them even had the nerve to refer to me as grand-ducky.”

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