Individual In Chicago Jewelry Shop Targeted By Thief Uses Firearm To Defend Self From Robber

Further, given the rampant crime in the city, much of it violent and gang-connected, getting such a permit to legally carry a weapon for use in legal self-defense situations is often a prudent decision, as shown by a bystander at a Chicago-area jewelry shop.

Such could be seen when that employee was at work at about 11 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, February 24, when an alleged robber walked into the store and started smashing glass in an apparent attempt to steal from the shop.

That’s when the bystander opened fire. As the alleged attempted thief started smashing glass, the individual with the firearm behind the counter drew a pistol, racked the slide, and opened fire on the alleged attempted robber. The alleged thief then started running out the door, pausing to reach into the store and pick up some unidentified object he dropped, and then run the “L” platform. The shooter hit the alleged thief with two rounds, one in the abdomen and one in the buttocks.

According to CBS News, the police said that the alleged thief was taken into police custody and then placed in the hospital, where he was treated for the gunshot wounds and his condition was stabilized. Further, CBS News noted that the individual who did the shooting was a concealed carry license holder and had a proper Firearm Owner Identification Card.

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