In the wilderness, locate the girl who went missing! Be quick!

Fancy yourself a master of small details? Test your skills with this brain teaser that has led many astray.

Tucked away in this forest scene is a girl named Marie, but can you spot her?

The picture, shared on Playbuzz, has people struggling to see beyond the trees!

In the midst of the forest, a girl holds a cow on a rope, yet another girl is wandering in the woods.

If that posed too much of a challenge, fear not; we’ve got the solution right here.

We tried to deceive you by not saying that MARIE was only a collection of letters spelling her name.

Most people don’t pick up on that clue and ASSUME Marie must be a little girl.

Even then, you still needed a mirror to see that you had to flip the image upside down and reverse the letters to solve it.

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