After years of renting the same house, a woman learns that her deceased landlord left the house in her name.

75-year-old Jane Sayner has been residing at St. Albans, Melbourne, Australia, for over twenty years.

Her landlord was multimillionaire John Perrett whom she paid AUD$250 rent a week for a two-bedroom apartment. That was the amount of money she has been paying from the first moment she rented the place.

In September, 2020, Jane’s landlord passed away. There were times when Jane was uncertain of who will inherit the house and who her new landlord would be. At the same time, she feared that the new person could chose to terminate her contract or ask for more money.

However, nothing of that happened. Believe it or not, Jane, as well as another tenant who was renting Perrett’s property for years, got the apartments following his passing. From being a tenant, Jane turned into a property owner and this was something she could not even imagined in her wildest dreams.

Perrett was an elderly gentleman who received a kidney transplant years prior to his passing so a great deal of his enormous fortune went to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Nephrology Department, roughly AUD$18.6 million. Additionally, he left the hospital one of his flats which was later sold for AUD$400,000

This millionaire was never married and didn’t have children. On top of that, he didn’t have any siblings or any closer relatives.

Speaking of the kind act, Jane recalled, “Then one day he just rang me and said, ‘My solicitor’s here, can you please give me your full name, because I’m leaving you your unit.’ I thought I hadn’t heard it right. Surely not. For the whole time I had known him, (leaving all his money to charity) was always what he was going to do.”

Despite being saddened by her landlord’s passing, Jane was relieved she now had her own place.

“I treated this place like it was my own. When I first came here there was no garden out the back. Because I was living here, I planted lots of plants and flowers, which are still here today,” she shared.

Jane was Perrett’s friend and he appreciated the fact that she was his tenant for that many years.

For more on this incredible story go to the video below.

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