Farrah Fawcett’s close friend reveals details of actress’s last weeks alive, and they’re truly heartbreaking

“Charlie’s Angels” star Farah Fawcett was determined to survive her fight with cancer right up until the bitter end, according to close friend Alana Stewart.

After her initial diagnosis of anal cancer in 2006, Fawcett was declared cancer-free by doctors, only to be informed a short time later in 2007 that the disease had returned.

Sadly, the cancer metastasized the second time around, spreading to her liver and eventually claiming the TV icon’s life when she was just 62.

The aforementioned Stewart was at Fawcett’s bedside when she passed, as was the actress’s longtime partner, Ryan O’Neal, and another close friend, Mela Murphy.

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Stewart, now serving as president of the Farah Fawcett Foundation, recently spoke candidly about her friend battle with cancer, describing her struggle as one she had no intention of losing.

“Farrah was a very determined person in everything she did,” Stewart told Fox News Digital.

“She looked at cancer as a battle that she was determined to win. She didn’t like to lose. She was very competitive. She was determined to win this battle. She was determined to start her foundation, run it and live her life.”

Stewart went on: “She kept going when a lot of people wouldn’t. She went through a lot of painful procedures. She went through it all with such amazing grace, dignity and courage.

“It’s sad to say that she lost this battle, but in a way, I think it was her finest hour. She showed the world what she was made of… She loved life. She wanted to live. She wanted to be there for her son and Ryan. No one wants to die, but she had such a determination to not give up. And she was so determined right until the very end.”

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Indeed, Stewart also shared that a nurse had even commented on Farah’s sheer will to stay alive despite the overwhelming odds.

“In the last two months of her life, a nurse said, ‘I’ve never seen anyone fight like this. I’ve never seen anyone so determined to live,’” Stewart recalled.

According to Fox News, Fawcett and Stewart first crossed paths while attending auditions for commercials before either found fame. Farah, of course, soon landed a role in Charlie’s Angel’s, and it would change her live forever.

After the hit show finished, Fawcett encountered Stewart again at a celebrity tennis tournament. The pair reconnected and forged a friendship that would last the remainder of Fawcett’s life and beyond.

“She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known,” Stewart said of her late friend.

“She could read over a contract and pick out things that agents and attorneys missed. She was very sharp. I don’t think she got enough credit for how intelligent she was. She was so funny. She had a great sense of humor and just loved to laugh. She was like the popular girl in high school you wanted to hang out with. She was also an amazing sculptor. She didn’t have to read someone else’s lines. She could just be herself.”

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Stewart went on to reveal to Fox that they had celebrated upon receiving word that Farah was cancer-free. Sadly, however, just three months later, scans showed that the cancer had returned aggressively.

“When doctors first told her she was cancer-free, we all celebrated,” Stewart said. “It was just fantastic news. And then three months later, we learned that the cancer came back very aggressively. And it spread to her liver. It was not a good diagnosis.”

Through all the trials and tribulations, Fawcett did her best to remain upbeat and positive, starting a foundation to raise awareness and fund research regarding anal cancer. Though her condition was worsening, the Charlie’s Angels star never gave up hope.

“It was tough seeing her during those last couple of months,” Stewart said.

“I know in the beginning she was so excited and wanted to get back to her life. But then… she was just so frail. Things just started to go downhill. And yet, she kept her sense of humor. Even in the worst of times, when she was in so much pain and suffering, she was always kind to everyone… And then those last few weeks… it was tough.”

Rest in peace, Farah Fawcett. To me, she’ll always be that beautiful blonde icon who stole the show whenever she appeared on TV.

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