Prayers for Sir Elton John

Prayers for Sir Elton John

Elton John’s retirement has had a difficult beginning. According to reports, Sir John Elton has received an update since being taken to the hospital last night.

Elton slipped and fell at his house in the South of France, according to the BBC. The renowned artist was thereafter brought to a nearby hospital “as a precautionary measure,” according to Elton’s publicist.

Fortunately, the statement said, after numerous examinations at the orthopedic division of Princess Grace Hospital, Elton was found to be in good health. “Following examinations, he was promptly released this morning and is now back at home and in good health,” the statement reads.

Elton, David Furnish, and their two kids currently reside in the South of France. Since Elton’s formal retirement from live concerts in July, the family has been residing there.

Elton is 76 years old right now.

Elton won’t play live anymore, but it doesn’t mean he has stopped creating music. This won’t be the last time we hear from him, even if it’s unclear if he has anything planned.

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