Can You Guess What These 6 Items Were Used For?

If you think you can guess what these old timey objects are, then have a look.

It’s time for another fun game of What Is It? From antiquated tools to unusual decorative items, these mystery items might have you scratching your head! Some of these items might look odd, but take a guess and see if you can figure out what people generations ago would have done with unique these items.

1) It’s made from mixed metals, has slots in the top and connectors at the sides. Do you know what this was used for years ago?

What is it?

For train and bus rides, this was where the conductor dropped the coins from fares in (the slots) and then he could pull them out from the bottom, neatly stacked, to give as change back. The hooks at the side are for attaching to his belt. A modern version of this is still in use in the very few places where payment is not required upon entrance.

See if you know the next one!

2) This cap has a feminine printed design, lined in blue, with chin straps. The cap once upon a time probably had buttons or ties to keep it on. The shape of the hat bears some resemblance to that of an aviatrix cap. Oh, and it’s filled with sand!

This unusual cap is an early, handmade version of a swim cap. The channels and stitching are machine-sewn and then filed with sand. It was popular in the 1920s to model swim caps after the popular aviatrix, but modern rubber materials were hard to come by for the home sewer. Since sandbags block water, it was a logical idea, leaving the wearer free to choose her fabric design (instead of black or yellow rubber).

See if you can guess the next one!

5) This large wooden drum has a lid with handle and footed base. There is a crank on the side. Have you seen one of these before?

This cedar butter churn was used for making larger quantities of butter. The other side reads “Farm Master Dairy Supplies” but we couldn’t let you read that- it would have given it away!

Do you know the next one?

6) This metal stand has three tiers, each with notches cut out of it. This piece stands on three legs and is about 4 feet tall. Have any ideas?

The display gives it away, but it wasn’t Coca Cola bottles that this stand was designed for. As part of various marketing strategies, Nehi created these triangular stands to display their soda bottles, the necks of which fit nicely into the notches. Before 6 packs caught on, these stands could be found in corner shops and grocery stores during the Depression.

Antiques can become mystery items as they change over time and become unrecognizable. But sometimes, it’s the name of an item that changes! Here are 12 old names for objects we all grew up with that you just don’t hear anymore (unless you’re like us…we still use these old-fashion terms all the time).

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