Jennifer Aniston reveals truth about what she text Matthew Perry on the day he died

Jennifer Aniston has spoken of the day the world lost Friends star Matthew Perry, insisting that the actor “wasn’t struggling” when they texted only hours before his death.

Perry, who shot to fame after playing Chandler Bing on the world-famous sitcom Friends, passed away in late October after many years struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

As per reports, the 54-year-old was found unresponsive in the hot tub of his LA home. First responders were called when Perry was discovered by his assistant, but the actor was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

Much was speculated in the immediate aftermath of Matthew Perry’s sudden death.

On October 28, Perry was found unresponsive in the hot tub of his LA home. First responders were called out to a possible cardiac arrest, but Perry had already died by apparent drowning and was declared dead soon after.

The star’s funeral was held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in early November, with loved ones and close friends – including, fittingly, his former Friends cast mates – in attendance. An initial toxicology report revealed that there had been no traces of meth or fentanyl in the actor’s system when he died.

Now his former Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston has opened up to talk about her late friend. Perry and Aniston grew close during their time on the hit show, and their friendship was one that survived the years after its culmination.

Speaking with Reese Witherspoon for Variety, Aniston revealed of Perry: “He was happy. He was healthy. He had quit smoking. He was getting in shape. He was happy,” and “that’s all I know.”

Tommaso Boddi/WireImage
The Morning Show actress went on to confirm that she had been texting Perry on the day of his death.

“I was literally texting with him that morning, funny Matty,” she said.

“He was not in pain. He wasn’t struggling. He was happy.”

Though it was initially suggested in some circles that Perry might have been under the influence of a mystery drug at his time of death, Aniston said that she “want people to know he was really healthy, and getting healthy. He was on a pursuit.”

Rest in peace, Matthew Perry.

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