Dad Is Fed Up With Ex-Wife Breastfeeding 7 Y.O Daughter And Saying She’ll Stop “When She’s Ready”Interview With Expert

When people first become parents, their newborns are always fragile, susceptible to all kinds of dangers, and in need of constant care and protection. But as time goes by, children grow and become their own people, capable of taking on the world.

Understanding that and letting them go can be difficult. However, as one Redditor shares, it is more difficult for some than others. A great example of this is the man’s ex-wife, who, even 7 years after their daughter was born, kept on breastfeeding her, seemingly refusing to stop despite the poster’s efforts to convince her. Scroll down to read the full story!

Every parent reaches a moment when they have to let go of their child, and doing so is never easy

The parents split up when their daughter was a baby, and the child had to stay with her mother

When the girl was still being breastfed at the age of 2, the father started addressing the issue, but over the next 5 years, nothing changed

Having exhausted all his options, frustrated and worried, the dad started considering going to court but first came online to ask for advice
The story took place around a year ago. The OP started by explaining that he and his ex-wife had separated when their baby was just months old. But unlike their marriage, the nursing of their daughter didn’t end.

When their child reached 2 years old, the dad started jokingly bringing up the issue, saying how the mom should at least stop breastfeeding once the girl reaches high school or dropping an occasional Game of Thrones reference.

But as time passed, the situation didn’t change, and the frustration grew. The man considered going to court to solve this issue but first decided to look for answers online.

The OP explained that his ex-wife is an intelligent and reasonable woman, as well as a very caring mother, theorizing that breastfeeding their 7-year-old daughter is the woman’s emotional damage showing through her attachment issues. He also added that part of the problem is the girl never sleeping over at his place because she has gotten used to always sleeping with her mom.

Most of the commenters agreed with the poster’s concerns. They shared a lot of advice while also asking questions to clarify the situation, saying that if the girl did spend more nights at her father’s place, she would likely grow out of breastfeeding naturally. However, they all jointly advised the man against going to court, as, in their opinion, it was unlikely to help and could actually damage the man’s relationship with his ex and daughter.

Most of the commenters agreed with the father’s concerns, asked questions, suggested options, and shared stories of their own but advised against going to court

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