Malia Obama, 25, gets a new name as she starts her career in Hollywood.

Malia Obama, 25, gets a new name as she starts her career in Hollywood.

Malia Obama is the daughter of former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. She is now an adult and slowly making a new life for herself. She has even decided to change her name.

The 25-year-old actress and director just showed her first movie as a director, The Heart, at the Sundance Film Festival.

It’s interesting that her family last name wasn’t listed in the film’s credits.

She was born Malia Ann Obama on July 4, 1998. Her middle name honors her grandfather’s mother, who died of ovarian cancer at age 52 in 1995. As the daughter of the president, Malia grew up in the spotlight. After graduating from Harvard, she decided to try her hand at screenwriting.

Malia used the name Malia Ann for her latest project, The Heart, in which she is both the director and the screenwriter. Malia looked beautiful on the red carpet at the festival earlier this year and enjoyed the premiere of her movie.
That being said, this isn’t Malia’s first time working in the movie business. She worked on the writing for the 2021 show Swarm, which you can now watch on Amazon Prime. Billie Eilish and Rory Culkin were among the famous actors in Swarm, which was a good start for her career.

“She made some crazy pitches that were great and funny.” “She’s a great writer,” Janine Nabers, co-creator of Swarm, told E! Online about Malia. “She had a lot to offer…” “She really, really cares about her work.”

Stephen Glover, the executive producer of Swarm, was quick to say that Malia was treated the same as everyone else on the creative team, even though she comes from a famous family.

Just because she’s the daughter of the former president doesn’t mean we can be soft on her,” he told Vanity Fair. “No, she’s really cool and down to earth.” It’s not a problem at all.

Feelings of pride Barack and Michelle Obama have made it clear that they are proud of Malia. On her recent 25th birthday, they sent her lots of sweet birthday wishes.

Barack wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday to this smart, funny, and beautiful young woman.” “Malia, I hope that 25 gives you everything you want and more.”

Michelle posted the same thing her husband did: “Happy birthday, Malia!” I’m so glad I get to be your mom and see you grow into the wonderful young woman you are now. I love you so much! 💏”

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