20,000,000 views. A lion in the zoo plays with a little one, the predator is fascinated by the baby.

A zoo is the best place for your little one to get acquainted with nature and explore all the beautiful aspects of this world, including the wild side! In zoos, children can interact with various animals up close, but the key is not to stick fingers into the bars of hungry tigers or lions.

The star of this video is the king of beasts — the lion. He is proud, brave, strong, and a self-satisfied creature! This is evident in his majestic stride, mane, and self-respect, exuding confidence from a mile away. Just observe the lion strolling majestically across the savanna for a short while, and there will be no doubt as to why he was chosen as the king of beasts from the diverse animal kingdom.

In the behavior of these strong and powerful, yet graceful cats, there is a lot of nobility and even amiability, as lions never kill for amusement. Therefore, their potential prey can be completely safe in the company of well-fed lions. Lions can live in captivity, undergo training, so we have the opportunity to see them in circuses and zoos. All zoo inhabitants fear him and admire him at the same time. Despite his image, the lion can be very gentle and have his weaknesses. This lion is a wonderful example. Life in the enclosure is not as colorful and bright, but this lion was visited by a little visitor.

This charming tot decided to get to know the king of beasts better. The sight of the animal didn’t scare the little one; on the contrary, it amused him. The lion immediately noticed the cute little child and tried to reach him with his paw through the enclosure glass.

At first glance, it may seem like the lion wants to attack the child, but in reality, he is playing with him and can’t take his eyes off the little one. The lion is well-groomed and well-fed, with a large enclosure for walks. He is content with life, loves to socialize, and play.

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