There are worries about Kate Middleton’s health: something went wrong after her surgery.

Kate Middleton had surgery on her stomach last Wednesday.
The surgery is happening at a time when the health of the British Royal Family is not good. Charles III, King of the United Kingdom, will also have surgery to remove a benign tumor from his prostate.

After the news about the King, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince William’s wife would be having surgery.
“Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales was taken to the hospital yesterday for surgery on her abdomen.” “The surgery went well, and she will likely stay in the hospital for ten to fourteen days before going home to continue her recovery,” the statement said.
“Based on what the doctors say now, she probably won’t be able to go back to work until after Easter.” The Princess of Wales is glad that this statement will make people worried.

Kate’s health is becoming a bigger worry.
Even though this surgery was planned to happen three days after the first one, the latest news about Kate Middleton’s health came from the Telecinco show “Fiesta.”

In particular, it was journalist Concha Calleja who told everyone how the Princess of Wales is doing, which has made people even more worried about her recovery.

“I talked to an assistant at the Royal Household, and they told me that something went wrong during the time after surgery.” It’s because of how bad things are that they chose to send these two statements, Calleja said.

“The last time we saw her was at the Christmas lunch, and she started to feel sick after that. Kate was admitted on December 28 and will be with the doctors for a few days.”

“I believe that the Palace will issue a new communiqué in the next few days explaining better what is happening, the operation was serious in itself, lasting several hours and with a certain risk, a risk that did not occur on the operating table but in the postoperative period.”

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