Texas Restaurant Sparks Outrage With “Offensive” Sign Mocking Nancy Pelosi

A Preslee’s restaurant in Houston Heights has attracted controversy after displaying remarks mocking Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

The first sign read: “No mask required unless you look like Nancy Pelosi.” This was a shot at Pelosi’s appearance, as seen by Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle on December 30.

The second sign, which featured the first Pelosi jab, read: “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Some have criticized the restaurant’s signs, with some blaming its anti-mask policy for eliminating a safe open-air dining alternative.

Customers began demanding that they boycott the restaurant on Twitter.

Piper Hospitality Group, a Houston-based company launched in 2019 by Brandon and Justin Piper, owns Preslee’s. The other two facilities are Piper’s Cantina on Magnum Road and Piper’s BBQ & Beer on N. Shepherd Drive.

“Real Southern experience for the whole family,” as Preslee puts it.

In the wake of these reports, thousands of Texans have been hospitalized with C OV ID- 19, far exceeding the number of patients just two weeks ago. According to state officials in Texas, over 7,000 people were hospitalized with CO VID- 19 last week; this was up from around 5,500 people previously.

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