She offered a homeless man a pretzel and a cup of coffee

She offered a homeless man a pretzel and a cup of coffee

She saw a homeless man collecting change on the side of the road while she was at Dunkin’ Donuts. He eventually entered and started counting his cash. He was really unhappy when she started talking to him. She decided to offer to buy him a coffee and bagel out of her own pocket in

I just read of a sociological experiment in which a young woman was properly attired and placed on the sidewalk by herself. Most of the observers took the opportunity to ask her if she needed help and where her parents were. Now that same female was standing there, clothed in soiled, old clothes. She was seen by several individuals, but none of them seemed to pay any attention to her. Those who did so while wearing an angry expression.

The following is the awful truth of today: It makes me wonder when the world will turn into a place where ungrateful people just evaluate others based on their outward appearance. Or, why is a wealthy person’s life worth more than a poor person’s?

Fortunately, along the way, someone shows that not everyone has lost the capacity to feel compassion for those who are less fortunate, giving us hope that not all is lost.

During her break from school, Casey Fischer was on her way to Dunkin’ Donuts to have a coffee when she saw a homeless man by the side of the road gathering pennies. He then entered with the intention of getting something to eat.

As Fisher drew nearer, she could see that the man’s hand had only made a $1 difference. She then extended an invitation for him to join her at her table and made a payment for his coffee and bagel.

Chris introduced himself to Fischer and shared his experiences of frequently receiving unfair treatment because he was homeless.

He acknowledged doing narcotics, which he said made him become the person he hated. Being the son or daughter of his late mother was what he truly wanted in life. I tried, but I could not.

Fischer told Chris that while she was happy to meet him, she had to go because she needed to get back to class. But after telling her to wait a moment, he handed her a crumpled piece of paper with something scrawled on it that he had given to his new acquaintance.

Fischer read the note and was shocked. She had no clue the homeless man would be so affected by what she had done. For him, this meeting meant far more than just a bagel and a cup of coffee. He was impacted by it.

The note read, “Today I wanted to murder myself.” “…but I no longer do because of you.” I appreciate it, dear lady.

We also want to thank this lovely young lady for her help. You are the shift that the world needs to keep turning.

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