Brave Woman Defends Herself and Son During Carjacking

Louise Ornduff and her son, Kalaeb, had planned to meet two men to discuss the sale of their Nissan Rogue. Little did they know, these men had other plans in mind. In a shocking turn of events, the supposed buyers attempted to steal their car instead.

The two carjackers, Lasupta Singletary and Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman, were armed and ready to take the vehicle by force. Faced with this dangerous situation, Kalaeb made the smart decision to hand over the keys. He wasn’t willing to risk his life over a car.

As the criminals made their escape in the stolen car, Ornduff took matters into her own hands. She drew her weapon and fired a single shot, which found its mark on Singletary. Sadly, Singletary lost h

The police launched an investigation into the incident, carefully examining surveillance videos and talking to witnesses to determine if self-defense was a valid defense for Ornduff. The evidence strongly suggested that she had taken necessary actions to protect herself and her son.

Upon learning of Singletary’s death during the armed carjacking, Coleman was charged with second-degree murder and armed robbery. His participation in a fatal crime held him accountable for the tragic outcome that occurred.

Reacting to the news, Deputy Chief Eric Gandy of the Clearwater PD shared, “Based on their history and the fact that they were engaged in an armed robbery, it speaks volumes about their character.” The police firmly stood behind Ornduff’s actions, recognizing her bravery in defending herself and her family.

The story gained traction on social media, where users expressed overwhelming support for Ornduff. One commenter commended her, stating, “She was right in what she did and had to… The police and courts should back her up and not take the defense of these criminals.” Others were quick to dismiss any attempt to justify the actions of the carjackers, acknowledging that they received the consequences they rightfully deserved.

What are your thoughts on this brave woman’s defense during the carjacking?

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